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Brian Chin Technologies introduces VAS Experts, an affordable high value Software Solution for Telecom and Corporate Networks.

VAS Experts
VAS Experts

Brian Chin Technologies introduces VAS Experts, an affordable high value Software Solution for Telecom and Corporate Networks.

Achieve your companies goals with an affordable solution adjusted to your main needs

If you are a small or medium ISP you might get benefited from VAS Experts Solutions. Is an Scalable software company´s that will keep you and your business covered in an convenient way.

Talk to BCTI experts to explore this option for your company.


Over 1000 installations on ISPs in Europe and Asia

More than 25 Tbps

10M+ users benefited

BCTI together with VAS Experts worked together to bring a flexible PORTAFOLIO to meet your specific needs.


Deep Packet Inspection


The Stingray Service Gateway is a multifunctional platform based on Deep Packet Inspection technology. It is designed to inspect, classify and process packets according to the tasks of the ISP.



Allows to achieve a high output by the ability of DPI technology to classify all traffic by priorities, providing wider bandwidth to certain applications and protocols.

It is a software product responsible for gathering statistics and evaluating subscribers’ perception of services.

 DPI-based QoE metrics help to increase customer loyalty, monitor the network and increase ARPU from each subscriber.



BNG is an essential device because it is located in the provider's network at the server level while performing a number of border functions.

BRAS/BNG software meets all the technical requirements of modern networks and thanks to its flexibility, protects the operator’s investments.

  • Scalability: easy to upgrade and support our software BRAS/BNG solution. In case of increasing network and subscriber growth - traffic growth surcharge only.
  • High Avaliability: A reserve license provides Active Standby mode and guarantees the high availability of devices for each authorization type. Redundancy for PPPoE is achieved by a full N+1 implementation scheme.
  • Reduce the expenses: no hardware vendor-lock: you can choose any equipment. The pricing is based on the throughput without limitation by subscribers number.
  • Easy Deployment: The software can be installed on any server equipment that meets the minimum requirements.



NAT (Network Address Translation) solution is used in TCP/IP networks.

NAT/CG-NAT significantly expands existing networks’ capacities.

Stingray SG solution is designed for telecom operators and Internet service providers; it is also the suitable replacement of NAT equipment in corporate networks. Having a range of functions and possibilities, Stingray is to fit any growing network and to adapt to it.

Are you interested in learning more about VAS Experts? contact BCTI engineers and engage in a high value conversation to improve your business performance, customer satisfaction and revenue.